The controversial photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark has announced his collaboration with French luxury shoe designer Eugène Riconneaus, Complex Magazine has reported.

The project, titled New Work, was presented in Paris this week, and includes a new art series as well as a limited-edition skate shoe.

According to an announcement on Clark’s website the project represents “a new vision of Larry’s most iconic and controversial photographs mysteriously tempered with Eugène Riconneaus’ Young Users 2000,” which consists of a collection of wheel tracks left by skaters on the concrete surfaces in front of Paris’ Palais de Tokyo.

The project corresponds to Clark’s previous work such as the films Kids and Ken Park, which deal with themes of youth and sexuality by examining subcultures and societal fringe groups. According to the statement the collaboration “explores new esoteric, erotic, and forbidden dimension of adolescence.”

As part of their artistic collaboration the two artists also teamed up with young French skateboarding and lifestyle brand ER Souliers de Skate to design a limited edition skate shoe. They regard the shoe design as a natural extension of their artistic project which is centered on skateboarding and youth culture. The brand will make its way into the North American market for the first time this year.

By Henri Neuendorf for Artnet