At ER SOULIER, we've got a unique idea. In a few months, we're gearing up to open our very own coral farm, a project we've been working diligently on. But the truth is, we're still a small fish in the ocean when it comes to supporting such a massive endeavor. Even with our best efforts, we know we can't change the fate of the world's oceans on our own. 

So, here's our proposal: What if, instead of spotlighting our brand, we shine a light on something bigger? This Valentine's Day, let's encourage everyone to consider gifting a coral – a symbol of the ocean's enduring beauty and fragility – to their loved ones. Let's put the spotlight on the cause, not ourselves. 


We've compiled a list of coral farms from around the world. Depending on your location, you can choose one to support and contribute to the preservation of our magnificent oceans.

Join us in spreading love, awareness, and the importance of protecting our oceans this Valentine's Day. Together, we can make a difference.