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The 1st circular sneaker brand in 2014

"In 2002, when I started my career, I was super young, I arrived in the industry with a very naive way of viewing business ― which is a good thing if you have good values. I realized that in the leather industry, only a bit is used, so I thought, 'I'm sorry, but I gotta do something about it." I named it ER.

Born in 2022?

Circa 2014

In 2014 ER Soulier was just a simple idea to recycle leather and rubber scraps, making it the only circular sneaker proposal at the time. A large number of personalities from skateboarding and fashion supported this initiative by distributing or partnering with this brand at the time even though it wasn’t a real brand yet (clients list: Supreme, Larry Clark, Nixon, Hypebeast, etc.).  A tribute to Eugène Riconneaus’ childhood dream; to become a shoemaker, thanks to the skate shoes he repaired himself during his year of skateboarding. During the first lockdown, we received many messages from former clients asking us to do it again until we were convinced to turn the idea into a real brand. The rest is now in your hands, thank you.

Undun crew

Undun crew was a parisian band launched with the ambition of recounting the evolution of street culture while analysing the sustainability approach, by a young generation towards a new generation vocabulary. Praising "no age, no gender" thanks to a skillfull mix of authenticy and modernity, Undun crew edited a story telling label where each edition, event, curation acts retrospectively on the street and skateboarding culture. Each shoe is a chapter in an ongoing story.