As the boat departs the shore’s embrace, 
In the ocean’s depths where secrets dwell, 
We flourish, crafting more than shoes,
we set our sails. 

Our tribe, architects of change, boundless grace, 
Champions of a future, a dream island,
a sacred space.

Our generation, paradoxical souls in the tide, 
Innovators and dreamers, we do not hide. 
Seeking purpose on this voyage, guilt-free,
no disguise, 

We embody sust____bility
without the need for cries.

In this grand odyssey, a movement is conceived, 
Turning ocean’s wonders and waste, we believe, 
Into creations, pure and bright, 
Like treasures retrieved.


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ER Soulier is set to release a limited edition of 50 signed pieces on 15/06/2024, available on pre-order; followed by a series of uniquely designed drops with pioneering materials (only 50 pieces per style will be available).

90's inspiration


Unboxed for you.
Don't like it? We have low-tops too.

“The Last Sneaker Before the Apocalypse”

Introducing a limited edition high-top sneaker by Eugène Riconneaus, inspired by the contrasts of our time, his passion for the ocean and his skateboarding legacy. Eugène is showing us again how it is possible to create beauty and poetry from marine litter.
limited edition


With our signature bright blue.
Wearable art.

Made with marine litter and recycled rubber,

A striking blue sole

We have carefully studied the composition of our soles, durable and comfortable thanks to different materials used. For example, the front is equipped with a softer cushion.

Discarded oyster shells,

our secret ingredient

This precious material makes up the majority of the ocean waste we use to craft our high-quality sneakers.

The devil is in the details,

Embroidered blue logo

And embossed leather - We don't spare ourselves.

Roll up your baggy pants to reveal

The distinctive strap

An eye-catching feature, paired with skate pads on the side.



Production steps for the last sneaker before the apocalypse

1. Marine litter collection

We consider ocean waste, like abandoned fishnets, seafood waste and seaweed, our raw material. We collect it mostly along the Atlantic coast of France.

2. Material creation

The raw materials collected are grinded to create the compound and materials we need for the different parts of the shoes.

3. Sneakers production

European artisans produce each piece of our sneakers with care and precision. Every order is processed individually to ensure the quality of our products.

4. Splashing

The sneakers are hand-splashed with a signature bright blue, by our artist Eugène Riconneaus.

5. Delivery

As soon as the sneakers are ready, we ship them directly to you and keep you updated at every step.

Exchanges, even with pre-orders

Can I exchange pre-ordered products too?

Of course, we produce an extra 5% of sneakers to guarantee exchanges in case, for example, of sizing errors. If any sneakers remain, they will be offered for purchase to members of our community.

When does the pre-order window open and close?

For "The Last Sneaker Before the Apocalypse" collection, it will be possible to pre-order from 15/06/2024 to 15/08/2024. For the other collections, it is possible to check the dates on the eshop.