Updates, not seasons,

A purposeful project, only available through pre-orders


1 - Pre-order production: 
We're proud to offer our sneakers for a limited time pre-order. Then, we only produce what is necessary in small quantities, allowing us to minimize waste and ensure the durability of our products.
2 - Collection and recycling: 
We value marine waste by transforming it into raw materials for our sneakers. Used fishing nets and oyster shells are collected to be integrated into our manufacturing process.

3 - Manufacturing: 
We work closely with our European artisans to produce each pair of sneakers with care and precision. Each order is processed individually to ensure the quality of our products. 

4 - Delivery: 
As soon as your sneakers are ready, we ship them directly to you. You'll be informed at every step, from production to delivery, for a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

5 - Surplus & Exchanges: 
We produce an extra 5% to guarantee exchanges and returns in case of sizing errors. Once the exchanges are complete, we offer these surplus sneakers for sale to our registered community members.

pre-order only

Updates, not seasons

With the objective to slow-down seasonal products, ER will only look to release new updates, not seasons; new collections for ER mean new innovations for the brand and environment. All designed through a modern lens to develop a silhouette that is a “reflection of a community, the eternal youth, my skateboarding crew” Eugène has created their dream show. Marrying the stylish design with functionality, each shoe offers the wearer good grip, breathability, and comfort with each pair.