A project by Eugène Riconneaus


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Our 1st innovation

Updates, not seasons

With the goal to slow-down the fashion cycle, ER will only release new updates, not seasons. New collections for ER mean new innovations for the brand and the environment. All designed through a modern len to develop a silhouette that is a “reflection of a community, the eternal youth, my skateboarding crew” Eugène has created its dream show. Combining stylish design with functionality, each shoe offers to the wearer good grip, breathability, and comfort.


Turning his creative studio into a laboratory, switching his colour search into material research, Eugène Riconneaus focused on the invisible elements of this new sneaker. Reimagining the potential of items such as fishnets, seaweed and seafood waste, Riconneaus has created sneakers composed for 78.5% of recycled elements while also utilising sleepstock leather and natural cork. “Sea based activities represent 50% of the ocean pollution. I see this material as ready-made to give an opportunity to others and drive actions for the ocean. The idea is to create a demand that appreciates and cherishes marine litter products: from fishnets, plastics to oyster farms’ waste and algae” explains Eugène Riconneaus.


Our products are built using elements that would otherwise be considered waste, such as fishnets, seaweed, and seafood byproducts. Our goal is to reimagine the potential of these materials and create a demand for products made of marine litter.

Our sneakers are composed of recycled elements, sleepstock leather (selected from Leather Working Group-certified factories) and natural cork. By using these materials, we are not only reducing our environmental impact, but also contributing to the reduction of ocean pollution.